Hololoot for Android — Public Release

3 min readJul 27, 2022

We’re extremely excited to announce that our Android app is now live on the Play Store! This means anyone with a compatible device can now get their hands on our app and begin experiencing the wonders of AR NFTs 🔥

As we’re expecting a pretty big influx of new users we thought it would be a good time to give everyone a quick overview of the app and how to set it up. If you’ve used Hololoot for iOS or participated in our Android beta, these steps will already be familiar to you. Still, if you’d like a refresher on how to set up the app, read to the end!

Note that this guide is for Android users — if you’re using an Apple device you can check out the installation guide here. It has a couple of extra steps, but once you’re on we know you’ll love it ✨

Installing the app

The Hololoot app is now available in the Play Store — head to this link on your phone to download it:


To connect your wallet, you’ll need to have MetaMask installed as well. We’re working on support for other wallets, but at the time of publishing, you’ll need to have your assets on MetaMask.

With both MetaMask and Hololoot installed, it’s time to begin. We’ve prepared a short video that introduces you to the app and guides you through setting it up and using it — check it out below.


Getting your first AR NFTs

There are two ways to access our AR NFT collections — via the app or the third-party marketplace Element.

We published a guide about accessing the in-app marketplace which you can read here. The guide was written when we released our iOS beta and the competition it mentions is now over, however the steps on how to access the marketplace are still valid for Android.

To make purchasing via Element as smooth as possible, connect the MetaMask wallet you’ll be using in Hololoot. If you’re purchasing through Element we’d also suggest sticking with our verified collections:



There are other assets available on Element, including Holly, but please make sure you double-check the contracts to make sure the AR NFT is legitimate. At this stage, only our official collections and collaborations are viewable in Hololoot, so take an extra moment to verify the asset is legitimate.

Purchases through the Hololoot marketplace will always be viewable in our app.

If you’re having problems, head to Discord and ask for help. Our team is there to support you, and our friendly community is always willing to offer advice and help with simple issues.

Some things to note

The Hololoot app is still in its beta phase, meaning you might encounter some bugs. If you find an error, please take note of it and submit it to our team on Discord.

The app will also only work on devices that are AR-ready. If you can still install the app but get a compatibility error when opening the AR metaverse viewer you can still access the marketplace, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the AR features unless you upgrade your device.

We’re all Hololooters now ❤️

There are more than one billion AR-ready devices already in circulation around the world, and this release is a massive step towards connecting everyone to Web3 via AR NFTs. There’s still work to be done — the app is still in beta and many features are still forthcoming, but this release goes a long way toward bringing our products to the world.

If this is your first time getting involved with Hololoot, welcome to the journey! Make sure you’re following our social channels on Twitter, Telegram and Discord so that you don’t miss any updates. We’ve got some big drops planned over the coming months and some awesome updates, including the release of the first phase of our CryptoZoo P2E game. Make sure you’re checking our announcements for all the details ❤️




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