Hololoot Public Beta

⚠️ Important reminders

Before diving in, there are a few things to note.

  1. The app is still undergoing development, and most features are still experimental. The public release version of the app may look and function differently from the version you’re testing today.
  2. Because the app is still in development, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter bugs. If you find any bugs, please report take note of the specific details and share them when giving feedback on the app.
  3. We’ll set up a private Discord channel for you to share your thoughts and experiences with other testers. If you have any questions or encounter a critical error, please share them there.
  4. Please do not publish any videos from the app without prior permission.

⚡️ Getting started

Getting set up involves a few steps. Please make sure you read this entire article first, then come back and begin the registration process.

  1. Download TestFlight from the App Store.
  2. Join the beta by following this link.
  3. Say hi in our Hololoot Test Discord channel!

🏆 Tester Challenges

To help make ensure you test all of the features, we’ve devised some challenges! These challenges will earn you $PIXEL, which you can use in our upcoming AR NFT marketplace.

  • After placement, move the object left or right. 500 PIXEL
  • Rotate the object. 500 PIXEL
  • Place multiple objects. 500 PIXEL
  • View an object from multiple sides. 500 PIXEL
  • Find a bug. 500 PIXEL
  • The Most Creative Video

🔥 Building the Holo-future

We’re incredibly excited to be opening the app for testing, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences and any suggestions you might have. We’re also excited to see what videos you can come up with using the app 🚀



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