Hololoot Marketplace walkthrough

The first drop: Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo 🎊

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the first drop on our marketplace will be Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo! We’ve been working hard on a series of AR NFTs which will speak to the heart of any crypto enthusiast.

Some important notes

The first version of the marketplace will be integrated into the Hololoot application. This means that you’ll need the application to access the marketplace.

Heading to the market

The marketplace is available through the Hololoot app, so step one is setting that up. Once you’ve got the app ready, getting to the marketplace is a fairly simple process. As with most decentralized applications, the first step is connecting your wallet.

The beginning of the revolution

Our marketplace is still in its early stages, and there’s a lot more to come. As we outlined in a previous article, the coming months will see it grow from what is now basically a store to a fully-fledged, decentralized P2E marketplace. As we round out the year we’ll also hopefully enable asset generation, giving anyone the ability to create amazing 3D AR assets in just a few clicks.



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