The Wild World of AR Wearables 🕶

Snap Spectacles

Snapchat introduced many of us to the world of AR through face filters — AR overlays that changed the way we and our friends looked and dropped funny 3D characters into our photos and videos.


Sleek, powerful and feature-rich: Nreal glasses are more what one imagines when you say ‘AR glasses’. Like Snap Spectacles, Nreal glasses look like sunglasses and pack a ton of features into some headwear you wouldn’t be embarrassed to rock in public.

Microsoft HoloLens

When you talk about full-featured AR headsets, it’s difficult to go past Microsoft’s HoloLens. This beast of a wearable not only gives you an AR overlay on the world around you but lets you interact with it using nothing but your hands. It’s one of the ultimate AR headsets on the market today, giving us a glimpse at what is possible with AR wearables.

Hololoot: The metaverse everywhere

Designing wearables that people will actually want to wear will be a significant milestone not just for AR, but for technology in general. Companies like Nreal, which are taking the features present in devices like HoloLens but presenting them as something stylish like the Spectacles, will likely lead the way as AR continues to become mainstream.



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