Roadmap Update: May 2022

The present: Q2 2022

Android Support

As you’re all probably aware, Q2 has had its fair share of AR NFT drops since the marketplace went live at the end of March. These drops have so far been limited to our iOS supporters as the beta version of our app was only available through Apple’s TestFlight.

First AR NFT Airdrop

Supporting Hololoot has its perks, one of which is AR NFT airdrops! We’re proud to have distributed our first airdrop to $PIXEL stakers in April — if you staked, check your wallet for our feline mascot Holly ✨ And when Android support goes live we’ll all be hanging out with the cutest pet in the metaverse.

MVP for AR Glasses

Hololoot is hitting the proverbial runway with our MVP for AR glasses! This is an exciting way to showcase Hololoot tech to the world’s AR community. If you’d like to get up to speed on what’s happening in the world of AR glasses, check out our article on wearables.

MVP for INO Launchpad

Initial NFT Offerings (INOs) are exciting ways for projects to build hype around an NFT collection, and they allow community members to get in on the ground floor on interesting (and potentially lucrative) NFT drops.

The future: Q3 and Q4 2022

MVP for Location-based AR NFTs

In Q3 we’ll turn our attention to improving our existing products, as well as expanding our NFT utility to include location-based AR assets. This is a massive step forward for our platform’s utility, offering new ways to interact not just with AR NFTs, but also with other people in our metaverse.

Token Bridge

The future is multi-chain, and so is Hololoot. Right now our token is based on Binance Smart Chain, but as our userbase increases, we’ll look to bridge to other networks as well.

MVP for the 3D Configurator

Ever wanted to create your own AR NFT collection? That’s right, collection — not just one, but many different AR NFT assets. With our 3D Configurator, you’ll be able to do just that ✨

Crypto Zoo AR NFT Mini-game

We’re all about Play-to-Earn, but the whole system hinges on one important point: playing! In Q4 we’ll be releasing AR mini-games that use our Crypto Zoo assets — so if you’ve got access to the marketplace, make sure you pick up one of those cute little critters.

The past: Q4 2021 and Q1 2022

We’re pleased to say we hit all our key milestones for the first two quarters of our public development roadmap. The token launch, metaverse beta and the AR NFT marketplace were highlights from those periods and set up our deliverables for the later quarters.

On the road(map) again

Like we’ve always said, Hololoot is a long-term project, and as new technologies become available, our roadmap will continue to evolve. In the meantime, we’re excited to bring even more users to our app with the Android beta and to expand our AR NFT offerings over the coming quarters.



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