Meet the Holo-Team 🤝

5 min readMar 27, 2022

Introducing the faces behind Hololoot 👋

It’s not easy building the future of AR NFTs — and it takes way more than one person to make it work. Our team has been steadily growing from day one and today includes more than 20 people across more than 30 roles.

Today we’d like to formally introduce you to the main team. These are the members that play the biggest roles in Hololoot, from the core team and founders to some members that contribute to our project day in, day out. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll probably recognize some of these names, although a couple might be new.

Join us as we explore the ‘who’ of Hololoot ✨

Adam Białoń — CEO

Adam is the captain of the Hololoot ship, leveraging his experience as one of Poland’s foremost VR/AR pioneers to guide the project. His immersive technology credentials include owning one of Poland’s first VR headsets, participating in many VR/AR R&D projects, launching multiple VR/AR laboratories in different universities and leading several large-scale commercial VR/AR projects.

Maciej Szafarczyk — COO

If Adam is our captain, Maciej is the helmsman. Maciek graduated from the Cracow University of Economics in International Business. He co-founded both Headtrip and Holohome, two pioneering AR platforms, and has over 5 years’ experience in immersive technologies as a researcher, fundraiser, trainer, and product owner.

Olga Kubalińska — CMO

The brains behind the campaigns, Olga leads our marketing team as CMO and has worked tirelessly in both BDM and Marketing Manager roles for Hololoot in the past. Olga has more than 5 years’ experience as a Marketer who builds strong, meaningful brands and thrives within the areas of Social Media and Community Management.

Piotr Muller — CTO

Piotr is Hololoot’s resident technical genius, having led the project through all its development so far. As an experienced Principal Software Architect and Technical Product Owner with over 15 years of experience, Piotr has both the know-how and passion to make our ambitious mission a reality. He is passionate about coding best practices, VR/AR, electronics, the Internet of Things and 3D Printing.

Kamil Gawełek — AR App Designer

Kamil is our talented AR App designer, responsible for making everything as pretty and user-friendly as can be. If you’ve tried our app in the beta test you’ll have seen his work in action — intuitive interfaces and nice simple buttons make using the app a dream. Kamil has been developing AR and shared-experience applications for several years, and we’re glad to have him as part of the team!

Michał Lorek — QA Lead

Brand designer. Project manager. Composer. Developer. Teacher. Yoga instructor. There isn’t much Michał doesn’t do, and when he does something it’s always with an eye to detail. He brings his extensive experience building and testing programs of all varieties to Hololoot as our QA Lead, ensuring that the products we put out are the best they can be.

Filip Sobczak — BDM

Filip is a digital marketing veteran with international experience, having lived, worked and studied in Japan, South Korea, Germany and now Mexico. He has a strong background in all aspects of digital marketing and is passionate about Hololoot’s mission and products. He’s the man with a business plan, connecting us with the amazing partners that make our offering so special.

Daniel Bressoud — CM

Daniel is a people pleaser and experienced customer service manager. He has more than 4 years of experience developing communities in competitive, face-paced environments. On the side, he’s an amateur game developer and 3D modeler. He’s the face of our community outreach, leading the moderation of Telegram and Discord.

Aleksandra Kopeć — Legal Advisor

Aleksandra provides Hololoot with her invaluable legal expertise, ensuring that we stay on the right side of the often-murky, crypto-related law. She is a lawyer specializing in capital market and new technology law, including the legal aspects of blockchain, DLT and crypto assets. She’s a founder at FinLegalTech, a doctoral research candidate at the University of Silesia, and an expert on all things capital in the law.

Sam van den Nieuwenhof & Ben Hofmeyer — Content Creators

Sam and Ben are the co-founders of CryptoEdit, a blockchain-focused content agency. They’re the voice of Hololoot, responsible for putting out everything you read, from tweets to whitepapers, and even this very article. They’ve worked closely with dozens of crypto projects to produce messaging that sets the right tone and conveys professionalism (and hopefully a bit of humor).

And many more!

From our teams of external creators through to our indispensable advisors, Hololoot is a big family — and we’re going to keep on growing. It might take two to tango, but it takes a whole lot more to build the future of AR and NFTs on the blockchain ✨

Keep your eyes peeled on our announcements about our product rollouts, as well as new additions to our team 🚀




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