Hololoot’s INO Launchpad and Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know

5 min readSep 26, 2022

If you’ve downloaded our app, you’d be familiar with the Hololoot marketplace. This is your one-stop shop for AR NFTs from Hololoot and includes both paid collections and free giveaways.

Although there’s still a lot of work to be done on the Marketplace, including updates that will transform it into a P2P salesfloor much like OpenSea, the groundwork for what is to come has been laid, and we’re excited to be building on this foundation.

One upcoming change to the way we distribute AR NFTs will be our INO Launchpad. An INO — or Initial NFT Offering — is a launch event for NFT collections that allow creators to build hype and interest around their assets. Much like IDOs for cryptocurrencies, INOs are hotly contested and offer amazing potential returns.

Today, we’ll be exploring some key features of the Marketplace and how it’s different from our INO Launchpad.

  • The Hololoot Marketplace is for general collections. These assets are designed to be affordable for everyone.
  • Marketplace payments can be made in $HOL or stablecoins.
  • Resales are coming soon — in the meantime, you can trade assets on secondary marketplaces like Element.
  • The INO Launchpad is for exclusive collections with loads of utility.
  • An INO is a great way for a project to fundraise and for brands and creators to explore new marketing avenues.
  • INO will have a ticketing system. Burn $PIXEL to receive tickets.
  • INO purchases can be made with $HOL and stablecoins.

The Hololoot Marketplace

An early version of the Hololoot Marketplace is already live on our app. If you haven’t yet, download the Hololoot app today and check it out. In addition to some great paid collections, you’ll also find some free assets that you can claim and begin using. All you’ll need to do for these is pay the gas for the transaction, and the AR NFT is yours ✨

This little intro describes the core functionality of the marketplace and the assets available on it. AR NFTs on the marketplace are usually created in partnership with other projects and offer mostly aesthetic benefits. Apart from looking great and acting as collectibles, they won’t have a lot of extra utility.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful — our AR NFTs from the Marketplace are important parts of the giveaways and competitions that we run regularly. There’s also nothing stopping our partners from imbuing these collections with the additional utility on their end if they so choose. A great example of this was our partnership with CryptoBlades, where claiming the Hololoot Sword AR NFT entitled you to an exclusive in-game item.

In general, Marketplace collections are designed to be affordable and plentiful. They’re the perfect entry point for anyone looking to get involved in AR NFTs and for those looking to grow their collections.

While you can’t resell your assets directly through the marketplace just yet (secondary sales are available through Element), we’ll be implementing this feature as soon as we can.

Previously, stablecoins have been the primary unit of exchange on the marketplace, but we’re excited to announce that $HOL transactions are already a part of our payment solution. Our vision is to make $HOL the primary currency in the marketplace.

The Hololoot INO Launchpad

If the Marketplace is a store, the INO Launchpad is an auction house. This platform is built around exclusivity, rarity, and utility, bringing high-value assets to the auction block.

INO collections make it there for their extra utilities. These assets will unlock a range of extra features in partner ecosystems, for example in a game or some other service, and are limited in number. This also means they’ll be more expensive than Marketplace assets, however, we think they’ll be worth every penny ✨

The INO Launchpad requires $PIXEL tokens for auction participation. Once an asset is announced on the launchpad, users will need to burn $PIXEL tokens to enter a ticketing system that will get them on the buy list.

INOs will have different tiers requiring varying amounts of $PIXEL to be burned. The Bronze tier, for example, will be the easiest to enter, requiring the lowest amount of $PIXEL to enter the ticketing system for NFTs with the least utility.

Gold tier will instead require more $PIXEL but will give you a shot at the best NFTs on the launchpad. These will generally have extra utilities and unique features and will be available in the smallest quantities.

We’re working closely with some amazing artists and brands looking to take their Web3 presence to the next level. You probably know many of them, but it’s too early on our partnership path to reveal more details. This includes partners that are already in the blockchain space and those looking to break into it.

By the way, we’re always on the lookout for collaborations — get in touch if you’d like to know more about boosting your marketing with Hololoot. There are more and more Hololooters involved who are using the app and recommending it to their friends. That is why we started working on a referral system that will allow Hololoot to reward users even for these retrospective actions in the future.✨

INOs are a great way for projects to raise funds for development, and we anticipate a lot of fundraising to happen through our Launchpad. Assets will also be resalable through the Hololoot marketplace, allowing holders to trade when they see fit.

One of the first collections to hit the Launchpad will be our very own CryptoZoo. We’ll be launching these blockchain mascots in the lead-up to our P2E game, giving everyone a chance to own a piece of crypto history.

If you already own a CryptoZoo asset, we’ll be airdropping you an upgraded version in the near future. You won’t need to do anything and the total supply of the collection won’t change either. The upgraded NFT will simply include more features and utilities on the backend, ensuring that it’ll be compatible with the AR metaverse once it’s live.

Enabling the AR metaverse

We’re working hard to expand marketplace functionalities and introduce the INO Launchpad as soon as we can. We’re testing and retesting every feature to make sure they’re secure and deliver the best possible user experience.

To get started with Hololoot, download our app and head over to the marketplace. You can claim your first AR NFTs for free and begin exploring our paid collections.

We’re always releasing new content — make sure you’re following our channels so that you don’t miss any releases 🔥




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