Hololoot’s AR NFT Marketplace 🛍

5 min readMar 12, 2022


What to expect from our upcoming launch 🚀

We’re excited to say that our AR NFT marketplace is just about ready for deployment, which means you’ll soon be able to spend your hard-earned $HOL on some awesome assets. This is a big milestone for us and marks the beginning of our product rollouts which will continue throughout this year and into the future.

In this article we’ll break down what to expect from the marketplace launch at the end of the month and go through its development schedule for the rest of the year. It’s important to note that the marketplace won’t be fully featured at launch, however we’ve got a clear plan to build smart and efficiently 🔥

End of March: Marketplace launch 🚀

At the end of March, we’re launching the marketplace. As we mentioned, this won’t have all of the features we plan to release, but it will give you a chance to start collecting AR NFTs from our amazing partners.

At launch, you can expect:

  • AR NFT store (no P2P just yet)
  • Exciting partner drops
  • ERC-721 and ERC-1155 support (and BEP equivalents)

Let’s break down what this all means.

At launch, the marketplace won’t have P2P functionality. This makes it a little less like a marketplace, and more like a store. You’ll be able to purchase AR NFTs and fixed prices, with pricing decided by the NFT’s publisher. You won’t be able to resell the NFT using the Hololoot marketplace until Q2, but you’ll still be able to trade these assets in 3rd party marketplaces like OpenSea.

We’ve been working hard on some collections in collaboration with our partners. These will be among the first drops in the marketplace, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details about these soon.

Our marketplace will have cross-chain functionality from the get-go, initially supporting Binance Smart Chain, but with plans to expand to all EVM compatible chains soon (and some non-EVM chains as well). We’re still settling on the tokens you’ll be able to use on the marketplace in addition to $HOL — we’ll share more details closer to launch.

The cross-chain compatibility might not be immediately obvious when using the first version of the marketplace, but once you fire up the AR viewer, you’ll see all your AR NFTs across all compatible chains come to life.

By the end of Q1, we’ll also have several important smart contract features ready for deployment in Q2. These include: the ability to whitelist wallets for drops, giving projects more control over who can purchase their NFTs; permission settings, granting certain users different degrees of control over marketplace features; and preliminary auction functionality, including the code which controls bids and bid cancellation.

Q2: The AR Metaverse ✨

We’ve got clear development goals for Q2, and we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver a somewhat constant stream of updates as we roll out a more complete version of the Hololoot ecosystem.

Things to look forward to in Q2 include:

  • P2P marketplace transactions
  • Auctions and advanced marketplace features
  • INO launchpad
  • Integration with Hololoot’s AR metaverse
  • Metaverse as a Service
  • AR NFT generation

The first major upgrades to the marketplace will introduce auctions and P2P transactions. These updates will create a more complete marketplace offering — users will be able to buy and trade their AR NFTs without 3rd party providers. We’ll also activate NFT auctions, which pave the way for our $PIXEL-powered INO launchpad.

Another important update that we’re working hard to get out is the integration of the marketplace into the AR viewer, creating the first version of our AR metaverse. The AR metaverse has its own development schedule that demands an article of its own, but suffice to say that these integrations will allow you to view AR NFTs from your wallet in the viewer. We’ll initially support Ethereum and BSC, with other chains following shortly thereafter.

A key part of this integration will be the deployment of our Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) offering. This is a utility we’re extremely excited about as it opens the door to new partnerships with top-tier projects. Effectively, Metaverse as a Service will allow you to view non-AR assets in our AR viewer. For example, if you have items from a P2E game, MaaS means that those NFTs will be automatically available in the AR viewer. To access these, however, you’ll either need to own a special NFT granting you access or pay a fee in $HOL, creating even more utility for our token.

Of course, this MaaS functionality won’t automatically work with any NFT you have — we’ll need to have a partnership with the project to begin work on the assets. These partnerships themselves create even more utility for the NFTs they cover, giving partner projects something awesome to offer their communities.

Q2 will also be when we enable AR NFT generation for our users. Using the generator, you’ll be able to create and mint AR NFTs on any supported blockchain using compatible 3D models. The test version of this is nearly ready to go but still requires some rigorous testing to ensure that it works smoothly when we release it.

Q3: Free your NFTs 🔥

By the end of Q3, the Hololoot ecosystem will have begun to really take shape. Regular launches, user-generated AR NFTs and some fun additions to the AR metaverse will make this a quarter to remember.

In terms of marketplace updates, we’re planning to release our mix-and-match generator, enabling you to create entire collections out of a single asset. For example, a single model could be used to generate hundreds of NFTs with different textures. This opens the door to NFT projects to easily mint entire AR-compatible collections for their investors.

In Q3 we’re also aiming for Efinity integration, allowing us to bring our AR NFTs to the Polkadot ecosystem. This gives us another chain for uses to connect to in our marketplace, as well as a range of extra features that Efinity’s powerful ecosystem unlocks. Again, we’ll release more details about these integrations closer to deployment.

The future and beyond ⚡️

In this article we looked at our development plan for the marketplace, but this is far from the only product on our marketplace. Our AR NFT generator and metaverse each have development plans, and there are a couple of other goodies we’ve got planned that, for boring NDA reasons, we can’t reveal just yet.

Our development plans for the marketplace won’t end in Q3 either. We’ll continue to work on new functionality for this important part of our ecosystem, including increasing the number of chains we’re compatible with. We’ll announce these updates as we go, and please let us know what chains you think we should prioritize.

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day — make sure you’re following all of our channels for the latest updates 🚀




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