Hololoot July Recap

5 min readAug 3, 2022

Holosummer is in full swing as we round out a massive July! This month we had huge app updates, competitions, and content galore, and if you’re worried you missed out, worry no more — in this article we’ll recap all the highlights for you ❤️

Android app release

The wait is over — our Android app is now live on the Play Store! This was a huge milestone for our community as it meant that most of you can now access some of Hololoot’s awesome features.

We started July with a beta test running for about two weeks before releasing the full public app. While it’s still in beta, you can already access our AR metaverse viewer and marketplace from the app.

If you haven’t yet, check out our Android release guide for all the details on how to set up the app.

Apple users, you’ll still need Testflight to get the app — check out our guide here.

Our devs never sleep (well, they do, but they also work hard), so we’ve got a lot of updates planned over the coming month. Stay tuned for fixes, UI improvements, and new features moving forward ✨

Scary Video contest

Our Android testers had an important job: stress test the app before it went public. But they also had another job: test their creative skills in our Scary Video competition!

We received hundreds of entries from testers looking to take home the grand prize of 1,000 BUSD. We’re still working through them to shortlist the best for public voting. Make sure you’re in our Discord so you can cast your vote when the finalists are announced.

CryptoBlades giveaway and marketplace drop

Our friends at CryptoBlades had one of the first drops in our marketplace back in April, and we followed it up with another in July!

Together we gave away the CryptoBlades Pendant — a shiny piece of AR bling to show off in the metaverse. Congrats to everyone who got their hands on this AR NFT!

But that’s not the end of it — we’re giving away even more AR NFTs! Snap a pic or take a vid of you with the Pendant to win big! Full details of the giveaway can be found in our announcement here.

The CryptoBlades competitions coincide with a larger marketplace drop featuring blades and bows. All these NFTs will offer you an edge throughout the CryptoBlades metaverse, and they’re all available on the Hololoot marketplace right now 🔥

BGA giveaway and competition

July also saw our first collaborative release with Blockchain Game Association (BGA) — the leading industry body for blockchain gaming projects. We’re proud members of BGA and we’re excited to be working with them to promote blockchain gaming to the world ✨

Head to the app today to claim your BGA Joystick — an awesome addition to the collection of any gamer. But it isn’t just a pretty controller: it’s your entry to a giveaway we’re running with BGA!

Details of the competition are coming soon, but we can tell you this: you’ll need the Joystick to enter. Make sure you claim yours today so that you don’t miss out!

Bitcoinist feature and Seedify podcast

We made the news in July with a feature article on Bitcoinist! The article discusses the barriers to metaverse adoption and how Hololoot helps to overcome them by making the metaverse mobile — read it here.

A big part of what we’re building at Hololoot is a metaverse experience that fits in your pocket. With more than one billion AR-ready devices already in circulation, Hololoot’s AR metaverse promises to bring this exciting experience to millions of people around the world. If your friends or family are interested in technology or crypto, make sure you send them that article!

We also joined the Seedify team over on their podcast to discuss Hololoot development and the world of Web3 in general. Seedify has supported us for a long time and it was great to teach their community a little more about Hololoot.

If you haven’t yet, go watch the podcast episode here.

100k Twitter milestone

We did it Hololooters — we cracked 100k followers on Twitter! It’s an honor to have so much support from our community, and thank you to everyone who helped us get here! It’s not that easy to gain followers in a bear market, which tells us that you’re excited about what we’re building behind the scenes ❤️

If you like what we’re doing at our @Hololoot account on Twitter, you’ll love what we’re doing over at @CryptoZooAR. Make sure you give it a follow so that we can smash the 50k milestone this quarter 🔥

And hey, while you’re there, go check out our COO Maciej over at @keamuplays 😉

CryptoZoo features

Speaking of the CryptoZoo, we continued to introduce characters in our weekly posts. In July we met the Bitcoin Whale, the AltcoinBuzz Tiger, Holly the Holocat, and the newest entrant to our metaverse menagerie, the Avalanche Giraffe. Read their bios to get their full backstories 📚

All of these characters will play a role in the upcoming CryptoZoo P2E game, so if you haven’t collected any yet, head over to the marketplace and get your hands on one today! We’ve got a competition planned to help introduce you to the game and we can’t wait to share more details about it as soon as we can.

From the Holo-library

Keep your brain active with the Hololoot Holo-library — a name for our Medium that we just made up 🔥 This month we filled the shelves with two basic guides we wrote for your grandparents: an introduction to AR and NFTs and an introduction to Hololoot.

We wanted to break down the tech in simple terms that anyone could understand, and we hope they’ll help you explain these somewhat technical fields next time you’re cornered at a family gathering and asked to explain blockchain-related things!

We also put something out for the drop hunters out there, with an overview of our Q3 marketing plan! This guide outlined the drops and giveaways we have planned over this quarter. There are a lot of moving parts in running competitions that make it hard for us to commit to dates well ahead of time but rest assured we’re working to stick to the schedule and deliver amazing competitions and giveaways for our community.

A glimpse at August

While we had some massive milestones in July, the party don’t stop in August! Looking forward we have app updates, competitions, giveaways, and some big announcements to look forward to. If you think you’d really enjoy some digital pets, this ambiguous teaser should be particularly interesting to you 😉

As always, make sure you’re following all our social channels so that you don’t miss anything from the Hololoot team 🚀




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