Hololoot August Recap

4 min readSep 8, 2022


We had a massive month in August with many exciting events for our community. Eight new partnerships, four giveaways, two competitions and coverage in three publications represented just the tip of the iceberg for one of our busiest periods of 2022.

In this recap, we cover all this month’s highlights and look forward to what we’ve got planned in September.

Giveaways, drops, and competitions

The Hololoot marketplace was abuzz with activity this month as we released four new AR NFT giveaways: The BGA Joystick, MetaFighter’s Zod, the CryptoBlades Pendant, and Enjin’s dazzling Blobby. The best part? They’re all still available to claim for free ✨

Check the ‘Claim Free AR NFTs’ section of the app to see what you can get your hands on today!

The free AR NFTs we give away can help you win the competitions we run. In August, we ran two such competitions: one for BGA and one for Enjin. These competitions saw our talented community create short videos featuring the BGA Joystick and Blobby, with cash and NFT prizes going to the winners.


At the time of writing, the Enjin competition is still running! Check out all the rules here.

We’ll be launching more competitions like these in the future — keep an eye on our announcements for details.

Our MetaFighter giveaway was also in support of a larger marketplace drop. There are three assets available from MetaFighter — head to the Hololoot marketplace to check them out.


Hololoot is better with friends, which is why we’re always on the lookout for new partners. In August, we announced partnerships with eight leading blockchain projects with games and development studios alike.


We’re extremely proud to welcome these projects to the Hololoot family:

We’ll be working closely with these partners to produce exciting AR NFT collections. Keep an eye on our announcements so that you don’t miss out on these opportunities!


It’s lucky that the metaverse doesn’t have any zoning restrictions, otherwise the CryptoZoo would be overflowing at this point 🐼

In August we welcomed five new additions to the zoo: the Polygon Lemur, Solana Sloth, NEAR Zebra, Cardano Penguin, and Mina Parrot. Click on each of their names to read their bios 📚

We’ve been teasing the CryptoZoo for a while, and we’re excited to be putting the finishing touches on our launch. Make sure you’re checking our updates in the next few weeks for an exciting announcement 😉

From the news desk

We’re proud of what we’re building, and we’re extremely confident in the roles AR and NFTs will play in the way we engage with content in the future. But it’s not just us: we got shouted out in three articles last month discussing the implication of AR on tech. These stores were shared on Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, and Investing.com/CoinQuora.

Check them out and let us know what your thoughts are on these topics:

These articles contain some interesting ideas, and we thought it would be good to expand on some of the points on our blog. Check out our article on whether AR games are the future or a fad, and learn more about why making the metaverse mobile is so important.

We also recently joined Polygon Studios for an AMA alongside Insomnialabs, Kryxivia, ATTA, and Zignaly. It was a fantastic discussion on blockchain gaming and NFTs, and you can listen to the full recording here.

But that’s not all: we’ve been busy writing up a storm over on the Hololoot Medium.

Earlier in August, we took a look at some of the numbers from our app downloads. The article looked at ten days’ worth of data from the Play Store and the App Store and went through some of the feedback and results from our closed beta test. It’s an interesting read and gives you some ideas of the updates we have planned: check it out here.

We also went behind the scenes with our video content producer, Mike. Mike is responsible for all of the video content you see on our channels, and by now he’s developed a knack for creating fun AR videos. If you’re keen to improve your film-making skills and give yourself a better shot at winning the many competitions we’re running, this article is for you! Check it out here.

Hololoot on the big (or small) screen

Summarizing what you’re building can be a challenge, but we managed to boil it down to a handy intro video!

Check it out below and let us know what you think ❤️

CryptoSummer giveaway and Discord quiz

We’re setting a new record in this newsletter for mentions of the word ‘giveaway’!

We were thrilled to take part in Ferrum’s CryptoSummer giveaway, which saw more than $10,000 worth of NFTs and tokens distributed to winners around the world. The competition is over, but we were glad to take part!

We’ve been keeping spirits high over on Discord with some quizzes! We had a lot of fun with these, but we need to know if we should keep going! Head over to Discord today and make sure you hassle our mods for more quizzes and events ❤️

Forward to September

It’s a tough ask to follow up on such a massive month, but we’re working hard to do just that! With more giveaways, competitions and drops planned, we know you’re going to love exploring the Hololoot app just a little bit more.

We’ve also got some exciting news about the CryptoZoo that we can’t wait to share ✨

As always, make sure you’re following all of our channels so that you don’t miss out on any updates 🔥




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