Hololoot April Recap

4 min readMay 2, 2022


April was an important month for us at Hololoot. We took advantage of the lull in the crypto markets to consolidate our internal processes, focus on development and ensure that we’re building in the right direction. We had some awesome drops in the marketplace, some great features in the media and even took our first steps towards more community inclusion and engagement through voting 🗳

Read on for all the news from April, and a couple of things we’re looking forward to in May ✨

Marketplace update

The good vibes from our marketplace launch, which was a Q1 highlight for us, have continued through April. In addition to the Etherhino we covered in our last newsletter, we’ve since seen four more drops this month, including our collaboration with CryptoBlades and an exciting airdrop to $PIXEL stakers.

In collaboration with CryptoBlades, we released the Hololoot Sword — a pointy piece of AR gear that unlocked unique weapons and perks in the CryptoBlades games. Put it on your wall in AR and use it to win glory in the game: it truly is a versatile addition to any armory.

Our Crypto Zoo collection, which began with the Etherhino, has seen two more releases this month. The Shiba Inu and most recently the Polkadot Flamingo are welcome new inhabitants of our growing crypto menagerie. There are two drops left for this collection — have you guessed what they’ll be yet?

Finally, we had a little gift for all our $PIXEL stakers. We airdropped our adorable Holocat mascot to everyone in the middle of the month. This was a little gift to say thank you for your support, and we’re excited to see you interacting with her in AR!

Speaking of the Holocat, ‘the Holocat’ probably isn’t the most creative name in the world. Last week we opened our channels for suggestions on what we should call her, with the best ideas going to a vote in the coming weeks. If you’re still in time to suggest a name, please do — otherwise, make sure you’re Level 3 in our Discord so that you can vote on the name you like the most!

We’ve got some exciting marketplace releases coming up in May, so make sure you’re following all our channels for the latest!

From the Hololoot newsroom

April was an exciting time for Hololoot media watchers. Our COO and podcast veteran Maciej joined Caleb Applegate and the Enjin family on their coveted Enjinroom podcast — check out the podcast here.

We know this was a good one. How? We got a shoutout from CoinMarketCap, who listed the podcast episode as their pick of the day ✨ This was a really interesting discussion, so make sure you give it a listen if you haven’t already!

April also saw us get some coverage on AltcoinBuzz, who picked up on the marketplace and the drops we were releasing. Make sure you check the video out and give it a like!

Community voting and our first poll

In April we released our plan for an interim solution to community voting and ran our first poll. Even though this system isn’t perfect, we believe it’s a step in the right direction towards giving you, our community, more say in the future of the platform.

Our first poll, which asked about transaction fees and the staking APR, closed with a total of 30 votes. While this isn’t the entire community, we felt it was a good point to begin from, and we expect that subsequent votes will receive even more engagement from our community.

As per the results of the poll, there will be no changes to the existing fee, while the minimum staking APR will be increased to 20–30%!

Thanks again to everyone who voted — we’ve got another important poll coming up in May, so make sure you check out our voting guide here and get to Level 3 on Discord to participate!

SupraOracles partnership

We formally announced our partnership with SupraOracles, one of the leading oracle services in crypto. Not only does SupraOracles provide our smart contracts with the off-chain data they need to run, but they’ll also help us bridge to Enjin’s jumpnet. This is an important technology partnership and we’re excited to have SupraOracles by our side.

A look at AR wearables

Smartwatches are fun, but what about smart glasses? The world of AR wearables is exciting, futuristic and knocking on our doors — this month we looked at some of the options on the market today and discussed what the near future might look like for AR glasses.

Come what May

May will be another month of exciting marketplace drops and product development as we look toward expanding the userbase. As always, keep an eye on our announcements so that you don’t miss anything ✨




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