Hololoot App Recap — August 2022

4 min readAug 16, 2022


At the end of July, we launched our public beta for Android after a successful closed test. Since then, we’ve had thousands of downloads, some awesome giveaways, and drops, and continued work on development to make the Hololoot experience better than ever.

Our app is a core part of our offering, and we’re excited that so many users have been able to experience the potential of AR NFTs. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’re proud of what the app is today and enthusiastic about its future.

In this article we go over some highlights from the Android beta, look at some insights from the app store and recap what’s been happening in the marketplace recently.

Overwhelming support on the Android test

We crunched some numbers on the test:

  • Over 15,000 people were given the opportunity to test the app. We went through and painstakingly filtered the bots from the applications, leaving us with a huge number of potential testers!
  • 950 feedback forms were submitted. Of these, 95% were positive about the app.
  • Testers identified 3 major bugs that were all fixed by the development team.
  • We received a number of suggestions from our testers, 10 of which will be introduced soon. One of these was to implement a dark mode, something which our devs began working on soon after the suggestion was made. We’ll also be making some graphic design and UX updates based on feedback.
  • The most frequent suggestion was to introduce support for more wallets than MetaMask. Our devs are planning to implement this over the coming quarter, although we don’t have a fixed date just yet.
  • Another highly requested update was to introduce model scaling, which would allow you to zoom in and out on the assets. This has also been added to the dev’s to-do list and will be rolled out in a future update.

Spooky videos

When we announced the Android beta, we also launched a Scary Video Competition with a massive $1,000 first prize! We were excited to see what you came up with using the assets provided in the test, and our community hasn’t disappointed.

We’ve received more than 300 entries that we’re working through to get a shortlist for voting. The community will have a chance to vote on the winners, so make sure you’re in our Discord where voting will take place.

Marketplace recap

Since the Android app went live, we’ve been busy launching some amazing AR NFT collections with our partners. Since July, we’ve had giveaways with:

  • Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)
  • CryptoBlades
  • MetaFighter

Depending on when you read this article, you may still be able to claim some free AR NFTs! Head to the Marketplace and navigate to the ‘Claim Free AR NFTs’ section to see what is available.

We’ve also launched some larger collections with these partners — you can find them in the marketplace as well.

That’s a lot of drops in just two weeks, but we’re not planning on slowing down — we’ve got a lot more exciting collections and giveaways planned for the rest of Q3 and into Q4. Check out our marketplace guide for what to expect in the near future.

Android public app data

We’ve gone through the marketplace statistics from the Play Store to get some insights into our Android users. This data was captured on August 07, 10 days after the public app went live.

  • Our app received 440 downloads in its first 10 days weeks.
  • Our largest communities are in Asia — 25% of downloads were from Indonesia and 10% from India. Around 7.5% of downloads were from Poland.
  • We also have significant communities from Turkey, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and France.

You can download Hololoot for Android from the Play Store today.

iOS app data

Our iOS beta launched back in March and was where we tested the earliest Hololoot features. The app itself is not available on the public App Store and can instead be accessed via an invite through TestFlight. Giving our community easy access to the Hololoot beta was one of the reasons why we prioritized Android support over Q2, however, we’re still proud of the traction the iOS app has received.

As of August 07, the iOS version of Hololoot has 333 downloads from 717 TestFlight invites, giving it an impressive 46% install rate. With stability changes in upcoming versions, we aim to bring the app out of TestFlight and into the App Store, and when we do we expect a significant increase in iOS adoption.

If you’re interested in using Hololoot on iOS, please send one of our mods a message on Telegram or Discord.

What’s next?

The Android app release was a major step towards our goal of servicing more than a billion AR-ready mobile devices. With new features, bug fixes, and user-experience updates always in the works, we’re confident we can build a significant user base in the next year.

Keep an eye on our app for the updates we’ve already flagged and for the features, we’ve detailed in our whitepaper. It’s an exciting time to be a Hololooter, and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you all ✨




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