Exploring Hololoot’s AR Metaverse

5 min readMay 9, 2022


Love it or hate it — the metaverse is here to stay. The idea of shared virtual worlds has already been a reality for decades. Our everyday lives are already largely spent online, and over the last few years in particular, work, education and even socialization have taken a significantly digital turn. The trend is clear, and the vision described by metaverse pioneers — even if we choose another name instead of ‘metaverse’ — seems inevitable.

But the metaverse today has a problem: it’s largely inaccessible. Chunky VR headsets and expensive NFT investments are a perceived barrier to entry, even though neither is actually required to participate in the metaverse.

Instead, the world needs a metaverse that anyone can access from the palm of their hand. One that’s both easy to interact with and rewarding to use. A metaverse that sparks our imagination, and which gives users true control over not just their experience, but also their precious personal data.

The world needs Hololoot.

In this article we outline our vision for our Augmented Reality (AR) metaverse and look at some of the features we’re working towards in its early versions.

Your living room, alive

The amazing thing about AR is that it allows us to transform our real-life surroundings, letting us get more out of the spaces we’re already comfortable in. There’s no need to stress our eyes in VR or adjust to a new environment in a game — AR lets us change the world around us.

Hololoot’s AR Metaverse takes place right here — in the real world. In early versions, users will access the metaverse through their phones. Just about any modern smartphone can access our metaverse, which instantly gives us access to more than a billion potential users.

The early version of our AR metaverse is already available in the Hololoot app. While it’s still in its early stages, it lets you see the foundation on which we’re building. Import AR NFTs, place them in your environment and interact with them in real-time. As development continues, new features which will further enhance this experience will be added, including the ability to engage directly with other users.

As AR wearable smart glasses become more accessible, we anticipate that they’ll play an important role in the AR metaverse of tomorrow. AR wearables allow you to become even more immersed in the metaverse experience, and with Extended Reality (XR) setups allowing you to manipulate AR assets with nothing but your hands in development, the AR metaverse of tomorrow will truly be a truly interactive experience.

Whether it’s at home, at work, or out and about, the AR metaverse will be one of the most exciting ways to engage online, and its accessibility means that it could very well become one of the most popular ways to connect to our virtual lives.

But what can you do in the AR metaverse? There are a few key areas that we’re building towards at Hololoot.

AR Mini-games

AR mini-games are an important part of our metaverse vision, allowing users to battle or cooperate with their friends on a range of exciting titles. AR mini-games are also a great way to get your hands on more tokens thanks to Play-to-Earn rewards. Have fun, get paid, and do it in AR — it’ll all be possible with Hololoot.

Building interactive AR games of course has its challenges, but by starting simple and growing as AR technology itself develops we can introduce our users to increasingly complex games and activities. For example, we plan to initially create simple, turn-based board games you can play with your friends in AR, in the same way you would if they were there beside you. As technology improves, live-action games will be possible, and with XR integrations the possibilities of AR gaming will become endless.

AR Ads

People are tired of getting advertised to without any kind of compensation. And rightfully so — advertising is a profitable business, and your time and data are valuable. Our AR ads will let you tap into these revenue streams by letting you place ads around your environment. As you engage with the ads, you earn rewards. Not interested in advertising? There’s no obligation to put them anywhere.

For advertisers, AR ads mean tapping into an engaged audience who are incentivized to pay attention to what you’re saying. More engagement means more conversions, getting you better value for your advertising dollar.

AR Art

Where would crypto be without NFT art? Hololoot’s AR metaverse lets you convert any space into an art gallery — just map out the walls, place your NFT art, items and trophies, and sit back and marvel at your virtual collection.

With location-based AR experiences an important part of our roadmap, these gallery collections will also become part of your shared experience. Set up your assets at home, and then show them off to your friends when they come over. Interested in taking your brand to the next level? Create an AR experience in public and invite your audience to engage with it.

AR Airdrops

Hololoot’s AR metaverse will be populated by AR NFTs, which can be viewed and interacted with through the Hololoot app. These NFTs are already available in the Hololoot marketplace, but soon we’ll be launching new ways to build your AR NFT collection. Airdrops, lotteries and staking rewards are all on the cards for our community, and as we grow our list of partners, we’ll be looking to share AR NFTs with their communities as well.

The AR future

AR technology is very much in its infancy, but the rate of development is astounding. We’re extremely excited to be the first participant in the AR metaverse, and we’re confident we won’t be the last. As AR tech continues to develop, we’ll expand our metaverse offerings to bring exciting experiences to our users long into the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we’ve got planned for the AR metaverse, head to our communities on Discord or Telegram, introduce yourself, and ask our team about our vision. And as always, keep an eye on our announcements for all your Hololoot updates.




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