An easy guideline for trading on Pancakeswap 🥞

5 min readDec 13, 2021

Hololooters! The time has finally come!

You can now begin trading $HOL on PancakeSwap 🚀

This is a huge moment for us, and we’re so, so grateful for all of your support so far. This has been a long journey but really we’re only getting started — and with our TGE out of the way, all that’s left is to deliver an awesome app 🔥

We’re currently listed on PancakeSwap, and we know that using a decentralized exchange (DEX) can be a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before, so we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you get started.

But first, an overview:

Chain: BSC

📖 Pair: HOL/BUSD

📖 Contract: 0xa797Fa4BDa7C5A4B3afe73573B9d2Ab942365C6f

Always double check the contract address! We’re posting it on our official channels ⚠️

Step 0: Get some funds

This is probably the most obvious step, but again one that new users might need help with. Decentralized exchanges require funds in a wallet like MetaMask, and in this case you need BUSD to swap for HOL. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this online so we won’t cover them here, and which wallet you use is ultimately up to you.

Because our tokens are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you’ll also need some tokens to pay fees — in this case, BNB. You won’t need hundreds of dollars to perform transactions, but it’s essential that you have enough to cover the costs.

Once you’ve got some BUSD and BNB in your wallet and you’re connected to Binance Smart Chain, head over to PancakeSwap.

Step 1: Find the pair

Head to and navigate to the ‘Exchange’ section.

This is where the swapping happens. You’ll have to manually add the Hololoot pair using the contract address. (We can’t say this enough: always double check it!)

📖 Contract: 0xa797Fa4BDa7C5A4B3afe73573B9d2Ab942365C6f

Click on one of the two assets and search for ‘BUSD’. It should appear in the list.

On the second asset, paste the Hololoot contract address into the search box. It’ll prompt you to import the token.

It’ll prompt you to confirm the token import.

You’ll now see the pair, ready for trading!

Step 2: Swap

There are a few steps involved with swapping, but after you’ve done it once or twice the process becomes very straightforward.

First, enable the tokens from your wallet. PancakeSwap will prompt you do to this.

Follow the prompts in your wallet. You may need to pay a small amount of gas for this transaction.

Once the tokens are approved, there is one small change you need to make to the settings. As the token is new and liquidity is still relatively low, slippage is a reality. These needs to be manually adjusted, although as liquidity is added and as the price stabilizes, slippage should decrease.

Head to the settings.

Set the Slippage Tolerance to 2.5%.

Now you’re ready to swap, so press ‘Swap’

Double check the details and hit confirm.

Again, approve the transaction through your wallet. This will again cost a small amount of gas.

And you’re done! Wait for the transaction confirmation…

And you’re now the proud holder of $HOL 🔥

Step 3: Add the token to your wallet

Depending on your wallet you may need to manually add the HOL token. This is a common source of panic — until you add the token to your wallet you won’t be able to see it! Don’t be worried though: the tokens are there, we just need to make them appear.

These instructions are for MetaMask — for other wallets you can easily search for how to add tokens manually.

First, select the option to ‘Import Tokens’.

Head to the Custom Token tab and add in the Hololoot contract address.

Everything should fill automatically — just hit ‘Add Custom Token’ and you’re done!

Any problems?

If you’re trying to swap and you’re getting an error like ‘Insufficient liquidity for this trade’, you may be on the wrong pair. Double check that you’re swapping BUSD with HOL, and, as always, double check the HOL address. There should be sufficient liquidity for almost any trade, so this error suggests you’re looking at the wrong pool.

If you’re having any other issues, please feel free to contact us on Telegram.

What’s next?

Trading on a DEX is only possible with the contributions of liquidity providers. To help encourage liquidity to be added, we’ll be launching high-APY staking pools shortly. This is a great opportunity to earn extra tokens while doing important work for the community 🔥 We’ll release a guide shortly explaining how to provide liquidity and how to stake your liquidity tokens.

And for the team, we’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing this whole time — building the future of the AR, NFTs and the metaverse in our easy-to-use app. Thank you again for your support so far, and we’re looking forward to sharing more exciting news with you shortly 💖




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