5 AR Use-cases To Watch in 2022

5 min readFeb 11, 2022

AR tech is much more than just fun and games 🚀

Ask anyone what technology will change our lives the most in the next 10 years, and you’ll likely get many different answers. Blockchain, interplanetary transport, quantum computing, biotech implants, hoverboards — anything in your sci-fi and sci-non-fi dreams could potentially become a reality and alter our lives completely.

But there’s one development in particular that has been catching the eyes of inventors and innovators for several years, and which is set to make a massive impact in the very near future. And if you’ve been following Hololoot for a while, or even just read the title of this article, you’ll know what we’re about to say.

Augmented Reality, aka AR.

While early AR applications were fun ways to play with your phone, the true potential of this technology can change our lives in much the same way the internet changed the world when its adoption accelerated. Medicine, education, transportation, construction, communication, relaxation — AR has the potential to revolutionize it all.

In this article we look at five of the most exciting use cases for AR to look forward to, and touch on how Hololoot is positioned to play a role in them all ✨

🎮 Gaming

With Virtual Reality (VR) gaming growing rapidly, the stage is set for the AR revolution to reach gamers everywhere. Games like Pokémon Go showed the world what it meant to interact with your actual environment when you game, and with AR technology advancing in leaps and bounds since we all became Pokémon trainers in our neighborhoods, the next big AR title is likely to pave the way for many more like it.

With so many new games taking advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by NFTs and Play-to-Earn models, these technologies will likely play a role in this revolution as well. As the world’s first AR NFT generator, marketplace and metaverse, Hololoot is set to become the go-to platform for anyone looking to bring their game ideas to life in AR.

💊 Medicine

Medical applications for AR (and its cousin Mixed Reality, or MR) are already being explored by innovative researchers around the world. And here the use cases are really exciting.

We can imagine a surgeon wearing MR-glasses being guided by a digital overlay on the person they’re operating on, all the time aware of the data being fed to them by the various sensors and monitors attached to the patient. No need to waste precious time reading pages of patient information — all of the important info can be fed directly into their field of view, allowing them to do their life-saving work better.

👠 Fashion

The worlds of fashion, NFTs and AR are already merging much faster than most people realize. Very soon most luxury goods will have NFT identifiers, and with the growth of the metaverse it’s very likely you’ll be able to wear your IRL Gucci on your metaverse avatar. But the exciting stuff doesn’t end there.

With online shopping becoming all but the default option for retail shoppers, AR fashion integrations give users the chance to try before they buy — all without putting on any clothes. Try styles and check your angles, and with special recognition technology advancing rapidly, it’ll even be possible to see if something fits you.

Several of Hololoot’s partners, like Uniqly or Jigen, are already entering the fashion NFT market — and with an AR rendering of these NFTs just around the corner, this idea is set to become a reality in no time at all.

📖 Education

There are many ways to learn, an AR helps with just about all of them. Using AR applications it’s possible to engage students in exciting ways — instead of just reading about the dinosaurs, bring them to life right in front of you, or rather than watching a movie about the pyramids, open it up in AR and begin exploring it in the classroom.

But these solutions are more than just neat ways to make learning fun for kids. With the accelerating trend towards mixed modes of education at all levels — where students study at least part of their course remotely — AR and MR will play an important role in simulating the benefits of classroom interaction regardless of where the student actually is. For professional training in particular this means better outcomes and lower costs: an interactive AR model of a new piece of equipment, for example, can get workers up to speed without needing to invest in a physical dummy version.

🏗 Engineering

Measure twice, cut once? How about measuring zero times because you’ve got a high-tech AR headset that gives you an overlay of exactly where you need to cut 😎

AR overlays could help electrical engineers with wiring or circuitry, or civil engineers with measurements and load calculations. Data from the tools they use regularly in their trades could feed data directly into the AR application, allowing it to change what they see in real-time and warn them if something is wrong. Once the walls are up in a building, an AR app can help electricians, plumbers and other important tradespeople find the services they’re looking for with a kind of AR-enabled X-ray vision. All of these applications make these jobs more efficient, safer and reduce costs.

A brightAR future ☀️

AR innovations are proof that technology in our lives doesn’t have to mean replacing humans with robots or something — it instead exists to make our lives better.

Most of the innovations we looked at in this article are already being realized, and some are being driven by startups like Hololoot. With the limitless applications of NFTs also being explored, we’ll likely see these technologies work their way into our lives together. It’s an exciting time to be in tech, and an even more exciting time to be in AR ✨

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